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We are open for commissions of any kind. Please read the instructions carefully and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions! :D


Do you do traditional art?
Yes we do! Sketch and colour commissions are going to be in a naturalistic/traditional style by default.
But we also do sketches on paper.

Do you do NSFW?
Yes, but it costs extra.

What would you define as "Your Style"?
With that, we mean everything that doesn't fit into the margins of the already explained styles. This could be chibi, pixel art, cubistic or anything else that significantly deviates from our normal styles.

Why can prices change?
Art isn't an iPhone. Time and effort can deviate from work to work. For commissions, we go by an hourly rate of 30€/h. This means we approximate what time we will need to finish the artwork and calculate the price according to it.
*For example: *
A sketch commission of the bust of a char with references will take me about an hour, but dew to the character holding a sword, it means that we have to draw at least one hand what makes it much more effort than just putting the hands out of frame. That's why we would charge 45€.
While a Full body sketch of an OC with no references, except for some characteristics, would mean much more work and we would charge at least 20€ more than the standard price.

OK, but why do I have to pay upfront then?
Because of the nature of the commission sheet being a summery, this is basically the short version. The long rule is that you have to pay at least 50% upfront. So if you have a simple and clear commission you have to pay 100% upfront, while when it isn't sure how long it will take, a basic price will be negotiated and the percentage that must be paid upfront.
We also can understand if you are on a tight budget. Then of course you can ask for payment in instalments.

Why do you have the rule "Murdertrain Productions, short MP, reserves the right to use any artwork for marketing purposes."?
Artists, as any other business, need to present something to the wider market and potential customers. That's why your commission might be used in a social media post, as a reference, in the portfolio or for any other promotional use.

Why don't you want people to change or adjust the purchased commissions?
We don't forbid the alteration of commissions, but I forbid the alteration without asking us for the commission. After all, we made this piece of art and want to be credited correctly. It's like if you posted a selfie of yourself and somebody else just puts a filter on it and pretends that this is a picture of them. You would be pissed, so I hope you now understand this rule.

Photography Portfolio

In this section, you can see some pictures taken and or edited by Murdertrain Productions.